What We Do

There are many initiatives, organisations, networks and businesses that play a role in agricultural enterprise development in Africa and growing interest in creating more partnerships. Yet, there is no ‘one stop shop’, nowhere for a cooperative, district farmers’ organisation, or aspiring entrepreneur to go, to think through ideas, understand different options and access a range of service providers, markets and investment opportunities. AAA is seeking to address this through a knowledge brokerage and facilitation service, building on the entrepreneurial spirit of the poor themselves and the rapidly growing interest in markets and investment opportunities in Africa.



The vision for AAA is to unleash local potential through a convergence of development approaches with commercial activity. AAA will become the ‘Go To’ place for small-scale producers and processors across Africa, enabling them to deliver sustained profitability in a way that promotes resilience and social equitability.

AAA aims to achieve transformative change, to reshape how systems work for more effective poverty reduction. It is a demand-driven service that brings together the best knowledge and tools for agricultural enterprise development with market and investment opportunities and makes these accessible to poor people with big ideas. AAA creates value around knowledge and seeks to enable people to turn that knowledge into a successful enterprise and a positive change in their lives.