AAA's mission is to provide a knowledge brokerage and facilitation service, which enables small-scale producers and processors, buyers and investors to effectively work together for agricultural enterprise development in Africa.

AAA will have a positive impact through contributing to:

  • Improved smallholder livelihoods by increasing productivity and market engagement, enabling greater food security and wellbeing.
  • Creation of shared value and prosperity through more profitable and equitable wealth creation from effective collective action and better functioning value chains.
  • An enabling environment for doing business in African agriculture, with a responsive mechanism for supporting farmer entrepreneurship, social business and market development.

Values and Principles

Three key values underpin AAA's work:

People-centred: AAA listens to local people's ideas and supports them to turn those ideas into a reality through mentoring that inspires, empowers and guides them in achieving their personal and business potential

Integrity: AAA builds relationships and services based on respect and trust, balancing confidentiality for its clients with transparency in its own functions. It does this with dedication and professionalism, working to a high standard of skill, competence and commitment. 

Collaboration: AAA believes in working together with any agency, company, network or individual providing a relevant quality service. It is about building on what is there, making links and filling gaps to enable practical problem solving.

The following principles define AAA and inform its design and development:

Quality: AAA provides quality assurance of knowledge, services and products. There is a strong quality control function and links will only be made between AAA clients and approved suppliers, service providers and resources.

Resilience: AAA will enhance resilience of farming systems and value chains, reducing vulnerability to shocks and stresses. It supports clients to work within ecological systems to have a balanced and diversified production and income portfolio and to manage risk and uncertainty. 

Sustainability: AAA will develop a financially viable model for providing a demand-driven service that will be sustained in the long-term. The principle of subsidiarity will be applied to link global and local partners, developing the capacity of local services for producers, processors and buyers in the long-term.

Scale: AAA is designed for reach and replicability. It needs to be accessible to its clients from rural communities to international companies, and its partners from research institutes to government advisory services and have the capacity to grow rapidly.




AAA will catalyse change in African agriculture and livelihoods, by:

Knowledge-Sharing Sharing knowledge and bridging the gap between local ideas and experience and global expertise and innovation.    making-connections Facilitating links and building relationships to make value chains work.
 building-capacity Building the capacity of small-scale producers and processors, both individually and as organisations.   influence  Influencing others by documenting and disseminating what its learns from experience and the evidence of impact.

For AAA to work it must add value to all the different players in an agricultural value chain: producer and processors, market clients, investors and service providers.