Quality control systems

This is critical across national hub services and facilitators to ensure that AAA is known for a high standard of quality in information and services. The AAA agreement will provide a contractual framing for this and the AAA manual will provide clear guidelines on good practice. Standardised finance and management information systems will ensure effective and efficient 'back-office' functions providing value for money and consistent and comparable data. Monitoring of the quality of resources, services and operations will take place through clear oversight procedures, regular support visits and client feedback.


Communications and Marketing

Developing a strong brand recognition for AAA will be important. The secretariat will support the development of communications materials and drive marketing with a range of clients, partners and donors. Content can be developed and/or adapted locally to reach producer/processor clients but should fit with the AAA communications and marketing strategy.


Learning and Impact Centre

AAA will capture stories and monitor output, outcome and impact indicators, to be able to track change, evaluate impact and share evidence of change. AAA will use learning questions to test and refine the inherent theory of change and to adapt the approach based on lessons learnt. Within AAA a Community of Practice will support local facilitators and hub coordinators in their own learning around fulfilling their role.

The learning and impact centre will be responsible for documentation and dissemination that is relevant for different target groups. This will include coordinating the representation of AAA in various fora from local to national, regional and global , contributing to wider learning processes and events with partners, market and investor clients and governments. This will enable a wider influence on agricultural enterprise development systems both within development and business sector arenas. This is a dynamic area where the co-creation of new knowledge and ways of working will be key to enabling a more effective system.