Facilitator Network

A demand driven mentoring service for small-scale producers and processors.

A network of accredited local facilitators will enable AAA to be accessible, providing a personal contact point and raising awareness of the hub services in rural areas among clients who may not access web or mobile resources directly. Facilitators will provide a mentoring service supporting organisations and small enterprises to think through ideas, understand different options and to develop action plans. Together with hub services this brings the potential to transform the position and negotiating power of small-scale producers and processors.

The facilitator will draw on the AAA hub and their own understanding of the local context to support clients to make sense of the information that AAA makes available and to access relevant resources from the knowledge bank. Facilitators can support producers or processors to link up with appropriate advisory and capacity building services using the marketplace, providing practical guidance in developing ToRs, selecting service providers etc. They will also be able to match the interest and capability of small-scale producer and processor clients with potential opportunities from market clients and investors.

The AAA facilitators may operate over a district, province or national level and could do this alongside other work, depending on demand in different countries. They will provide a physical 'Go To' place at regular events, such as markets or fairs, creating opportunities for dialogue, sharing resources and responding to demand for support. Facilitators may provide a one-off consultation or play a longer-term mentoring role, motivating and challenging as well as inspiring the organisations or individuals who come to them.

In some cases facilitators may be engaged at a systemic level by a client or donor to carry out a wider market facilitation approach such as Participatory Market System Development (PMSD). AAA facilitators may also work with clients to develop a 'bespoke' support package that draws on complementary services of a number of different alliance members.

AAA may start with a single itinerant ‘local facilitator’, coordinating links with the hub services; over time this will grow to a network of facilitators, either engaged directly or as franchisees. Facilitators will document their work, providing records of engagement and outcome, to enable quality control and to build the evidence base to inform the learning and impact centre. They will provide local information relevant to the hub brokerage, marketplace and knowledge bank functions.