Market and Investor Brokerage

A brokerage function for businesses and investors in agri-enterprises in Africa

AAA will work with businesses seeking to source supplies of produce and with investors looking for social as well as economic returns and, in some cases, both. The AAA hub will develop links with market clients and investors, understanding their interests and requirements. The connections and experience of local facilitators' will be drawn on to match the opportunities identified with producer and processor client vision and capacity to deliver.

For market clients, AAA will provide an initial screening service to help identify potential suppliers. AAA will be able to provide a record of engagement with producer/processor clients as part of a capability assessment. For impact investors, AAA can help match those that are at different stages of market readiness with the risk criteria of different funds. Market and investor clients will be expected to then carry out their own due diligence. AAA can also work with potential suppliers to help them address any weaknesses that may be a barrier to their entry into a market or to securing an investment.


Knowledge Bank

An accessible information platform, that brings together the best resources on agricultural enterprise development for rural end-users.

The knowledge bank will act as a portal to enable access to information on good practice, innovation, research and learning in technical and business areas relevant to agricultural enterprise. It will feature a range of resources produced by different AAA partners, and provide links to further materials and websites. AAA will provide a quality control function, ensuring that content included is relevant to its different client groups and represents good practice. Country portals will ensure locally relevant information is immediately accessible.

A range of media will be used in the knowledge bank from videos and podcasts to factsheets and manuals . Resources will come from research and academic partners as well as practitioners. They will all be succinct and clearly presented with AAA encouraging translation into local languages. The knowledge bank will provide a practical channel for getting research into use and uptake will be captured to feedback to providers.

AAA has a strong learning through doing ethos. It will support small-scale producer and processor clients to track what they do, reflect and learn as part of the process of enterprise incubation, encouraging links with existing learning platforms where present.


Advisory Services and Capacity Building Marketplace

An interactive directory featuring a range of service providers with a transparent client feedback mechanism.

Most small-scale producers and processors need a mix of technical and business support to develop agri-enterprises. Market clients may also want to engage technical service providers to support those they buy from to improve their produce or to meet particular standards. The AAA marketplace will provide a place where small-scale producers, processors and buyers can see what advisory services and capacity building support is available in:


Technical capacity:

  • Agricultural production
  • Processing & value addition
  • Storage & reducing post-harvest losses
  • Certification, auditing, quality assurance
  • Logistics & technology
  • Value chain development

Business capacity:

  • Business strategy
  • Organisation development
  • Financial planning & control
  • Management skills
  • Farmer record management
  • Funding proposal development
  • Legal assistance
  • Communication


Direct contact may be made between clients and service providers through the marketplace. AAA facilitators may also bring together different alliance partners to develop an appropriate support package for a particular client. For example a District Farmers Association who wants to produce banana products e.g. jam, pulp or sun-dried fruit, may need support in developing an investable business plan, the logistics of setting up a processing unit and hygiene in food preparation. This may best be achieved through a mix of different service providers from across the alliance partners.

The marketplace will be an online facility and have a mobile App; clients will be encouraged to provide feedback on services provided which will build up a valuable reference base, building stronger accountability and enabling informed decision-making.